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Parc - Emerald Park (Stage 3)

Parc is Stage 3 of the Emerald Park masterplan of the former Email industrial site that is situated on the western side of Joynton Avenue, between O’Dea Avenue and McPherson Lane and includes a major privately funded public park at the southern end, an extension of Mary O’Brien Reserve. It comprises two buildings, A1 and A2 that define the through-site pedestrian way, the southern edge of the central courtyard and Lamond Lane – a new street. The project was developed by Cronos Corporation and built by Waterside Constructions.

There are a range of unit types and sizes to cater to varying lifestyles, including singe and two storey ‘cross over’ units with flexible floor plans that can be adapted to the occupants preference to utilise the sun to the north and/or the park outlook to the south.

The northern elevations are designed with unifying horizontal, ribbon-like balustrades that weave and stretch across the north elevation that juxtapose with the adjoining single and two storey dwellings. The southern elevations are designed to frame the outlook to the new public park from the secondary balconies of the bedrooms that are accessed from living areas.

The southern elevation of Building A1 is designed with solid precast and punched openings to provide a fine pedestrian scale to mark the southern entrance of the through-site way and to provide a transition between the surrounding low-rise context and the masterplan site. This is contrasted with the amplified scale of open and glazed balconies to the southern elevation of Building A2, which respond to the larger scale of the remaining built forms around the central courtyard.

The attics of both buildings are clad in prefinished, zinc-like, metal panels and contrast with the painted precast, concrete masonry panels of the main building forms. The metal panels fold down onto the faces bounding the though-site public pedestrian way. The bounding face of Building A2 is activated by single and double storey, glass enclosed lift lobbies.


Location: 13 Joynton Avenue, Zetland, Sydney, Australia
Client: Cronos Corporation Pty Ltd.
Builder: Waterside Constructions Pty Ltd.
Area: 6.650 sqm (approx 25,000 sqm total site masterplan), Floor area: 16,509 sqm (2.0:1) (approx. 50,000 sqm total site masterplan)
Date: 2013-2015
Status: Completed
Collaborators: Northrop Engineers
Photography: Brett Boardman

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