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Imperial Hurstville East

Treacy Street East is an extension of the Imperial project centre stage designed as part of the Part 3a concept plan for the site which was to be delivered in three independent stages. The site has a 9.145m frontage to Treacy Street to the north and frontage to the rail corridor to the south. The proposed development includes basement parking, retail, garden terrace and apartments. The appearance of the building avoids the overused expression of cellular, crate-like elements. Special attention has been given to the composition of building elements and materiality. The building appearance primarily emphasises its dual orientation: to the sunny north over the Hurstville City Centre and the cooler south over Kogarah. The street elevation to Treacy Street to the north is fitted with continuous recessed balconies. The south elevation to the Illawarra Railway corridor has bedrooms with windows that respond to the noise from the trains and heat loss in winter. Both elevations will have a kinetic appearance that reflects the occupation of the dwellings by residents.


Type: Live/ Shop
Location: 21-35 Treacy Street, Hurstville
Status: Completed
Year: 2016
Client: Piety/ THP Pty Ltd
Number of storeys: 16
Site area: 252 sqm
Floor area: 1,585 sqm
Number of Apartments: 12
Digital imagery: David Duloy

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