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Eon comprises six buildings and is located on the former Xerox industrial site on the easten side of Joynton Avenue and to the south of Victoria Park, between Gadigal Avenue and a new lane. The site is located in the Green Square Masterplan Area, approximately 500 metres east of the Green Square Rail Station. The building's have a modern aesthetic that expresses the aspirations of the project and its spirit of innovation and environmental excellence. The expression of the elevations responds to many factors including site, sun control, construction, technology and apartment amenity and mix. The concept for the site is a series of 'fingers' and linear courtyards oriented north-south, to capture the sun and provide a pleasant outlook from apartments. The buildings have been designed with multiple cores to maximise natural cross ventilation while maximising floor area within the permitted building envelopes and aircraft obstacle limitation surface height. The external expression has been used to provide diversity and break down the repetitiveness of the floor plans. The bulk of the buildings has been reduced and adjusted along street frontages to respond to adjoining buildings and to improve the urban design respsonse by utilising interlocking forms, shifting elevations and screening. At the lower levels of buildings, the materiality has been varied to activate the street and provide a finer grain pedestrian scale.



Type: Live/ Masterplanning
Location: 114-120 Joynton Avenue, Zetland, Australia
Status: Completed
Year: 2007-2014
Client: Meriton Apartments Pty. Ltd.
Number of storeys: 6 to 9
Site area: 14,760 sqm
Floor area: 33,550 sqm
Number of apartments: 344
Collaborators: Meriton Apartments, McGregor + Partners
Digital Imagery: Troy Design Media, Stanisic Architects

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