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Lane Cove is approved by JRPP

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Stanisic Architects has achieved development consent by the JRPP for a new residential development at Lane Cove, comprising 95 apartments (7,274sqm GFA). Located at the intersection of Pacific Highway and Longueville Road the building has a sculptural form that peels away from Longueville Road, presenting a curved ‘back’ to Longueville Road and Pacific Highway, becoming more regular in form along the Burley Street and Taylors Lane frontages. The concept if a ‘U’ shaped plan around a central north facing court with projecting floor slabs and balconies that circle the building like a ribbon. The solid and glazed balustrades create a visual pattern by sliding the panels across each other at each floor emphasising the sculptural nature of the built form. The siting of the building allows the existing band of trees that currently encircles the site to be retained and, where necessary, replanted to create a natural bush setting and a ‘green veil’ to the public domain. Stanisic Architects have commenced construction documentation for the project.

Architect: Stanisic Architects, Landscape Architect: Sturt Noble Associates, Client: GloBuild Pty Ltd

Images: Ivolve Studios

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